Data Gateway

An API bundle to service all your data needs

Access many data blocks, without dealing with multiple vendors. Use easy to integrate APIs or pre-built, themeable screens. Stay privacy compliant too.
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Data journeys, simplified

Build any data journey you need. Setu caters to all kinds of companies—for health care, BFSI use cases, to enforce legal agreements and more. Simply enable the data blocks suited to your requirements.
  • Verify customers with PAN/Aadhaar

  • Authenticate bank details

  • Use financial data for loan underwriting / investment recommendation

  • Build personal finance management

  • Collect Aadhaar based e-signatures

  • ...and more

Diverse data blocks
Diverse data blocks

Multiple use cases—identity or bank verification, electronic signatures and access to financial data.

Flexible integration
Flexible integrations

Use customisable pre-built screens, or build your own UX with our APIs.

Async flows
Async flows

Collect details from users, even when they are not on your platform.

Privacy compliant
Privacy compliant, always

Setu works constantly to stay up-to-date with latest changes to data privacy.

One integration, multiple data blocks

Stitch together custom journeys with one or more data blocks.
Aadhaar based e-Sign
Aadhaar based e-Sign

A lightweight white-label solution to collect legally binding signatures on your documents.

Aadhaar OKYC
Aadhaar OKYC

Generate and collect Aadhaar XML within your own app. 100% compliant with UIDAI & RBI guidelines.


Simple and straightforward PAN verification API, that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows.

Bank Account Verification
Bank Account Verification

Plug-n-play bank account number verification API to confirm authenticity real-time via penny-drop.

Account Aggregator
Account Aggregator

Consent-driven access to any financial data—with just one integration.

Pre-built screens for any data block

Add our pre-built modules on your app or website. Spend little to no time in integrating and setting up. Arrange data blocks as per your needs—PAN, bank details, e-Sign—on one or multiple screens.

API integration

Use Setu’s single journey API to build custom data collection or verification flows, with your own UX. Get a dedicated Key Account Manager to guide you through certification and integration.
  • Simple RESTful APIs

  • Build custom data flows

  • Go live in 2 weeks or less

Icon for comprehensive setup
Comprehensive setup

UAT & Production environments available for testing and going live.

 Super fast integration
Super fast integration

Integration time is typically 3-4 hours. Setu will offer chat and phone support during this time.