We are rebuilding and future-proofing India’s fintech architecture

The institutions that power our economy need help scaling with the fintech needs of the new generation of companies.
API connections

Banks, insurance companies, lending firms, regulators, AMCs and more such institutions power our vast, complex financial system. As our economy grows, more and more businesses need access to financial services from these institutions.

But these institutions have trouble scaling, due to their technology constraints, forcing business to spend valuable time and engineering effort solving for rudimentary fintech needs, instead of focusing on their product.

Our mission

Accelerate India’s economic growth by making financial services accessible and affordable to all.

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Any financial service must be available on-demand, and at “sachet-ised” amounts.

Such a platform would eliminate business’ need for multiple integrations for individual features. On-demand insurance policies, capital-on-tap, on-the-fly credit lines, debit card issuance—everything now becomes possible with one single integration.

We make this happen by managing all the individual integrations on our end. We plug into these aforementioned institutions, so that other companies don’t have to. We absorb the regulatory complexity, so you don’t have to.


BBPS BillCollect

Collect bill payments across 400+ apps

BBPS BillPay

Embed BBPS payments in your app or website

Collect PhonePe

Accept EMI payments via PhonePe


A complete FASTag management suite


WhatsApp Banking

Fintech APIs bundled with smart chatbots


Fixed Deposits

Book FDs from any app, without opening a new bank account


Business Loans

Cash flow-based loans using OCEN APIs

Consumer Loans

Embed personal credit into any user flow, using OCEN APIs

With such an API platform in place, we believe that more and more companies—now that their fintech headaches are taken care of—will truly begin to innovate.

And soon enough, start building for the half a billion people in India who have no access to financial products. After all, a rising tide does indeed float all boats.

Sold on the idea? Does working on nation-level problems interest and excite you?

We are always looking for talented folk to come onboard and make a difference in any way they can. We look for two prerequisites—curiosity and hunger. Ok, maybe three—humility as well.

It usually doesn’t matter if your particular skillset doesn’t match our currently open roles. We are more than happy to start a conversation and see where it can take us. Some of the best discoveries were coincidental, you know.