Hello there!

We are a team of self-motivated and empathetic individuals, determined to tackle the toughest problems in the fintech landscape, as we learn and grow to do the best work of our lives.

The emphasis on learning and growth is immense. I’ve enjoyed and gotten so much out of the weekly learning sessions that Setuzens put together on a weekly basis. You can rest assured that any freewheeling conversation at Setu, be it over lunch at the cafeteria or on a thursday open house, will give you lots to think about and laugh over!


Atulaa, Legal

If being surrounded by extremely talented folks who’ve always got your back, having fun through each problem they solve, constantly acquiring new skills, openly talking about anything and playing games together isn't the work-culture you’d like—then maybe Setu isn’t for you.


Dhruv, Engineering

What sets Setu apart from other organisations? The people. I love how warm and welcoming everyone is. People are open to new ideas and experimentation and the passion and zeal they put into their work here is pretty infectious.


Prajna, Design

I’m here for the amazing filter coffee that I share with wonderful fellow Setuzens—who are smart, hungry and some of the most humble folks I have ever seen.


Karthik, Finance

The chance to work on a piece of software that can impact and shape the financial landscape comes once in a blue moon. I’d be a fool to miss it.


Nithin, Product

Everyone is so full of energy with the will to ship new things and tackle the hard problems head first, it’s just so motivating. Knowledge keeps flowing like nectar—from learning sessions, engineering discussions and random brainstorming. The tie up with Kaha Mind for the mindfulness of the employees and our mental well being is a cherry on top. This place does not feel like a new company to me, it feels like home.


Yash, Engineering

We started out as a small team of four, and have come a long way since. At our core lie our people, and we’re hellbent on setting them up for success.

Setu is rapidly growing, which means that we’re constantly on the lookout for leaders and thinkers who can aggressively contribute to our vision and help drive it—in their own way.

We have a long way to go and we’re all about taking our people along for the ride. It’s important that our people progress, because so does the company—we’re pretty selfish that way. You can be assured that your growth is high stakes for us.

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.