Setu Insights

Easily analyse your customers' financial data

Build your own insights using our data points or pick from templates for lenders, brokers and personal finance management platforms!

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Take better decisions

You know your users best. But to take decisions confidently, you need powerful insights on the financial habits of your users.
Build your own insights

Choose from over 100 data points and build custom insights on your users.

Underwrite your customers

Give loans to New-to-Credit customers and analyse if they can pay back their EMIs on time.

Battle fraud effectively

Use over 20+ fraud indicators to reduce uncertainty when underwriting your customer.

Track income and spends

Know what your customer earns, where they spend or invest.

Built to suit your needs

More than 95% accuracy in financial indicators

Easy setup in under 24 hours

Industry best pricing

Multiple output formats—XML, JSON, XLS

Get financial insights tailored to your use case

Get started in 3 simple steps


Select the insights you want for your users’ data


Get your financial data auto pushed to Setu Insights APIs


Choose your preferred format and see consumer insights


How can I use Setu Insights?

You can use Setu Insights to understand your customers’ financial data. You can output these insights in the format of your choice—JSON, XML, XLS—or view all data on Setu’s dashboard. Get started with our quickstart guide here.

How long does it take to get started with Setu Insights?

As long as you’re live as an FIU on the Account Aggregator framework, you can go live in less than a day by integrating with just two APIs.

What type of raw data does Setu Insights analyse?

Setu currently supports bank statement analysis. In the coming weeks, we will add support for analysing securities data, insurance data and a host of other data blocks present on the AA framework.