Hello there!

We are a team of self-motivated and empathetic individuals, determined to tackle the toughest problems in the fintech landscape, as we learn and grow to do the best work of our lives.

If being surrounded by extremely talented folks who’ve always got your back, having fun through each problem they solve, constantly acquiring new skills, openly talking about anything and playing games together isn't the work-culture you’d like—then maybe Setu isn’t for you.


Dhruv, Engineering

What sets Setu apart from other organisations? The people. I love how warm and welcoming everyone is. People are open to new ideas and experimentation and the passion and zeal they put into their work here is pretty infectious.


Prajna, Design

I’m here for the amazing filter coffee that I share with wonderful fellow Setuzens—who are smart, hungry and some of the most humble folks I have ever seen.


Karthik, Finance

I joined Setu because the founders took a bet on me in the middle of the pandemic knowing I did not have any relevant experience in Fintech. It was a great personal transformation for me while I continued to do some of the most impactful work of my life. At an organisational level, empathy for peers, customers and stakeholders is something I closely internalised —something Sahil constantly stresses upon. I am super glad to have been enabled at this level, and a lot of my growth happened at Setu.


Amrutha, Design

I wasn't too thrilled about the acquisition news if I'm being honest! However, multiple conversations with the founders and senior leaders helped me find clarity and see the larger level of opportunity at hand. Financial inclusion has always been Setu's audacious goal. We want to build rails that would enable financial products to reach every nook and corner of our great country. With a partner like Pine Labs, I am super enthu about our 2.0 journey!


Pete, Content and Growth

Nikhil and Sahil are walking examples of the popular belief of ‘We have to always be surrounded by people who are smarter than us’. Now, I see it as something I ought to invest even my time and money into.


Krishna, Engineering

Both Sahil and Nikhil have shown faith in my working style and also led by example by demonstrating high agency which helped me get ideas off the ground and on to execution. It also helped me iterate with ideas and collaborate with thoughtful researchers due to which I have been able to build the D91 brand with complete ownership.


Monami, D91 Labs

Before Setu, I thought starting up a business was a dream that might someday come true. During my Setu days, there were many difficult challenges thrown at me from all directions, it was definitely too overwhelming in the beginning. Nikhil and Sahil, though, were two badass leaders who inspired me to raise the bar every day. If it wasn’t for Setu, I don’t think I would have the courage to chase a startup dream today.


Anantha, Biz Dev

We started out as a small team of four, and have come a long way since. At our core lie our people, and we’re hellbent on setting them up for success.

Setu is rapidly growing, which means that we’re constantly on the lookout for leaders and thinkers who can aggressively contribute to our vision and help drive it—in their own way.

We have a long way to go and we’re all about taking our people along for the ride. It’s important that our people progress, because so does the company—we’re pretty selfish that way. You can be assured that your growth is high stakes for us.

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.