Empower businesses to sell easily

On-board businesses just once, to let them sell products via many digital channels and magnify their reach at minimal cost.
Engage a growing base of 50M+ buyers on ONDC.

The easiest way to increase distribution for sellers

Get your sellers on-boarded to showcase their catalogue of goods and services on any buyer website.
infographic for ONDC
infographic for ONDC

Powered by Open network for digital commerce, ONDC for short, which is backed by the Ministry of Commerce, DPIIT & GoI, to build scalable and secure digital commerce infrastructure for India.

Let businesses sell more effectively

Leverage ONDC infrastructure to grow business for your sellers, at a low cost.
Increase seller reach

Get access to all ONDC-enabled buyer-facing platforms.

Access a growing base of 50M+ active buyers
Reduce cost of acquiring customers

Get more customers to view seller product catalogues, without increasing spending on ads.

Enable seamless order management with a single integration

Out-of-the-box support for all steps in the order life cycle.
Discovery APIs

Search for and shortlist products with filters.

Order APIs

Add products to cart. Provide address and pay.

Fulfilment APIs

Assign delivery provider and fulfil order. Track the order.

Post-fulfilment APIs

Rate experience, contact support or initiate returns.

The best experience for developers, sellers and buyers

Choose between API integration or low code solutions. Increase distribution for sellers and build a superior purchase experience for buyers.

On-board sellers easily with Setu APIs

Use simplified APIs to on-board sellers, add products, update inventory and manage orders. Go live in a matter of weeks.

What sellers need to do—

  • Complete KYC verification

  • Upload catalogue

  • Setup order-related notifications

  • Add a bank account to receive payments

⭐ Bonus

Use our reporting infrastructure to build reports and analytics for your seller partners.

Something for everyone

Sellers, buyers and other platforms can all benefit from ONDC powered commerce.
  • Sellers can expand their reach
  • Seller-facing companies can earn commission for successful purchases
  • Buyers get more choice in products and services
  • Buyer-facing platforms can focus on building superior UX for buyers

What is Open network for digital commerce (ONDC)?

ONDC is a network that enables location-aware digital commerce across industries. Businesses can be discovered and their products showcased on any ONDC-compliant buyer facing platform.

ONDC will enable large-scale democratisation of digital commerce in India by providing a level playing field for sellers of any size. Once available on ONDC, sellers become discoverable across multiple buyer platforms. Buyer platforms can similarly showcase products from any ONDC seller on their website/app.

How do sellers benefit from ONDC?

Sellers can greatly benefit from ONDC. Some advantages include—

  • Access to more buyers and thus, better growth in sales

  • Higher sales, with low cost for customer acquisition and reduced commission fees

  • Autonomy in business decisions, with access to many buyer-facing channels to showcase products

  • Flexibility to use plug-n-play services—like logistics or inventory management—to support faster business growth

How do aggregators benefit from ONDC Seller?

Aggregators can build services on top of ONDC to serve businesses who want to sell. Some benefits—

  • Reduce time-to-market and time-to-scale with Setu APIs

  • Focus on seller acquisition and let Setu handle ONDC network integrations and compliance

  • Access a complete order management suite, from discovery to post-fulfilment services for orders.