Account Aggregator

Consent-driven access to rich financial data

Handle income verification, credit monitoring, and personal finance management, with a single integration.
Replace broken solutions like screen scraping, SMS reading or file uploads. Offer smooth onboarding for your customers and reduce drop-offs enormously.

Work with Setu and its licensed account aggregator partners—

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Connect bank accounts

Step 2

Approve data sharing

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A user giving consent to share bank statement with a business called Acme

Unlock diverse use cases

Create innovative products on top of data blocks from multiple financial data providers, like credit underwriting models or personal finance management apps.
Access data available via many information blocks—like bank accounts, insurance, deposits, credit cards and more—to easily verify your customers, while also offering a vastly better user experience.
  • Credit underwriting

    Get detailed transaction data to verify income with ease. Offer your customers a superior UX and appropriate loan interest rates.

  • Loan monitoring

    Monitor how your customers use their credit line. Use this data to improve prediction of default rates.

  • Personal finance management

    Do a periodic bulk fetch and show users a summary of spends, investments and more.

More use cases on the way!

Enable one of these use cases for your business today by working with Setu and its licensed AA partners—

Super fast integrations for any financial data

Gain access to any data block a financial institute has to offer—bank transactions, account information, insurance summary, mutual fund statements, and many more—with just one integration.
Icon for optimised UX
Optimised UX

Pre-built, responsive mobile or desktop screens for user registration, consent approval and management.

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Match your brand

Theme our pre-built screens to match your brand. Set custom logo, colours, fonts and language.

Icon for full-fledged sandbox
Full-fledged sandbox

A robust testing environment that mocks actual flows for user registration, data requests, consent approvals/rejections/expiry.

Icon for customised testing
Customised testing

Test how consent artefacts work in live situations. Use Setu’s high quality mock data, or upload your own data for custom scenarios.

Available data blocks

Companies can now easily request their users for financial data. There are broadly three types of data defined—

Build customer trust with high conversions

Make use of our extensive research on data sharing principles with diverse users. We guide you every step of the way to help explain to your customers how the account aggregator consent framework works.
Building trust with customers—
  • Establish authenticity—highlight security features, surface trusted institutions.

  • Provide visuals—give details on how data is shared with consent.

  • Nudge to make informed choices—explain how the data is used, pros and cons.

What are Account Aggregators?

Account Aggregators are RBI-regulated NBFC entities that allow a person to share and manage their financial data with companies under the new Data Empowerment And Protection Architecture framework. Learn more ↗

Financial data is only shared once the customer reviews a data request and approves it. Setu currently partners with licensed NBFC AAs, to help provide pre-built, customisable screens for users to register, approve/reject/manage data consent requests.

AA data flow infographic

What are FIPs and FIUs?

An FIP, is a financial information provider—like a bank or an insurance company—that is able to share financial data around a user of their product or service.

An FIU, or financial information user, is an entity that is requesting for data from an FIP—for their customer—for purposes like verification or enabling financial products for users.

How does the account aggregator’s consent framework work?

When an app/website requests for financial data from a customer, the customer can review details of the data request on an account aggregator app/website that they have registered with. The data request includes details like—

  • Type of data

  • Purpose and frequency of request

  • Duration of access to the data

...and more

The customer uses this information to approve or reject the request with a simple PIN based authentication.

A customer can also revoke consent for the data being shared. This gives complete control to users and also opportunities to financial apps and websites to build trust with their customers.