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Verify individuals or businesses

Verify users to disburse loans, make payouts, enable stock or crypto investments, and more.
Get the best uptimes and availability. Integrate easy-to-use APIs, or embed pre-built theme-able screens.

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API connections

On-board and verify your customers with ease

Pick one or more data blocks from our identity verification bundle. Get details instantly over API with industry best response times.

Build for your use case

On-board and verify your customers—whether you lend to individuals, have an investment or insurance platform or serve other businesses.
Provide insurance
Reduce fraud with PAN and bank account checks prior to insurance offers
Enable investments
Let users sign up quickly with PAN or Aadhaar, before they invest in stocks or mutual funds
Verify businesses
Validate business customers’ bank accounts before making payouts
On-board for online commerce
Verify sellers on e-commerce platforms with PAN/Aadhaar and bank account details
Food delivery or transport
Validate driving licenses, check PAN/Aadhaar and verify bank accounts
Power digital lending, BNPL or credit
Verify borrower PAN/Aadhaar and bank account before loan disbursal

and more use cases

Reduce frauds early on in your customer journey

Complete KYC for your customers with diverse data points.
Verify with penny drop
Deposit ₹1 to customer provided bank account details, to confirm account number and account holder’s name (upto 20 characters) from the API response.
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Verify with reverse penny drop INDUSTRY FIRST
Get validated bank account without collecting any user account details. Simply get customers to make a ₹1 UPI payment instead.
Get account number, IFSC, account holder’s name (upto 80 characters) and VPA address.
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Simplify your integration

Use pre-built, functional UI that already connects to our APIs and handles all error/success scenarios.
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Build for any screen size

Optimised for both mobile and desktop by default.

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Match your brand

Theme pre-built screens with your brand colours and logo for improved conversion rates.

The best experience for customers and businesses

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The simplest UX

Quick verification using a variety of data blocks.

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Lower customer acquisition cost

Low cost of on-boarding with digital verifications.

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Comprehensive testing on sandbox

We provide sample test data and detailed explanations for response codes.

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Compliance first, always

All our data blocks adhere to the latest UIDAI guidelines and data privacy norms.

What is Setu Identity?

Setu Identity is a bundle of products that you can easily integrate with to verify your customers, whether they are individuals or businesses.

The bundle offers multiple types of verification blocks—DigiLocker documents, Aadhaar verification, bank account verification and PAN checks—from which you can choose one or more that suit your needs.

With the Setu Identity bundle, you only need to work with Setu, but can make use of multiple data blocks that you need to integrate with.

Who does Setu partner with to identify or verify customers?

Setu works closely with multiple certified government entities like NSDL, UIDAI, Digilocker and provides verified data only.

How do I choose between API integration and pre-built screens?

By default, we offer simple REST APIs for integration and provide responses in JSON. You can refer to our API Docs and start testing APIs once you have the clientID and clientSecret for your organisation.

However, some data blocks, like Aadhaar verification or bank account verification, require a user to complete multiple steps on screen(s). In such cases, Setu provides an alternative to API integration with customisable pre-built screens.

Our pre-built UI connects to our APIs and can be customised with your branding. Some default benefits—

  • Cut integration time

  • Manage desktop/mobile responsiveness

  • Handle error/success scenarios

We also continuously work towards improving this experience to suit the needs of your customers, with minimal clicks and redirections.