Setu Lending

Offer loans to users on their favourite apps or websites

Utilise Setu’s channel partners—like payment apps, financial comparison websites, CRM solutions or tax apps—for effective distribution at lower costs.
Get pre-verified leads and offer complete or partial loan application journeys.
API connections

Lending, simplified

Acquire borrowers via their favourite apps—Whatsapp, PhonePe, GPay and more. Enable partial or complete loan application journeys.
Setu builds on top of your existing APIs to support any loan construct—individual or SME loans, unsecured or against property, gold loans and more.

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Loans enabled on multiple platforms

Setu does the hard work of integrating with your existing lending APIs and building easy-to-use loan application flows.
You can simply redirect borrowers to ready-made loan journeys.
Convert more customers

Setu does seamless integrations, with real-time actions and notifications to improve conversions for your borrowers.

Evolve your lending platform

Offer loans via custom-branded web URLs, Whatsapp chatbots, or any of Setu’s channel partners.

Verified leads from digital channels

Utilise Setu’s pre-qualification engine and network of loan providers to source leads from various digital channels.
Or run your own digital loan campaigns for preferred, trusted customers who are already banking with you.
Benefit from lower CAC

Setu’s digital channel partners offer a lower acquisition cost and high traffic, with millions of Indians already using their products.

Get verified leads seamlessly

Our pre-qualification engine ingests customer data, applies your underwriting rules and sends the prepared lead directly to your LOS.

Ready to start lending via Setu’s channel partners?

Integrate with Setu to get digital, pre-qualified leads at a lower cost. Enable application flows for your existing loan products.