Embed and monetise bill payments

Rival popular UPI apps to let users pay their electricity bills, EMIs, and more. Earn money for successful payments. Add your branding to pre-built, BBPS-certified payment screens or design your own screens with our APIs.
Rival popular UPI apps to let users pay their electricity bills, EMIs, and more. Earn money for successful payments. Add your branding to pre-built, BBPS-certified payment screens or design your own screens with our APIs.

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The quickest way for your users to pay their bills

Earn revenue by embedding bill payments

Make money when customers make successful bill payments on your platform.
As a lender or NBFC
Boost credit line usage for bill payments
As an insurance provider
Increase customer retention by enabling bill payments
For domestic money transfer
Integrate bill payments for a share of revenue
As a neobank
Increase MAU with recurring bill payments
As any B2C app
Compete with popular UPI apps that provide bill payments

...and more use cases

Businesses already monetising bill payments

Make recurring bill payments a breeze

List all BBPS bill categories on your app or website, allowing customers to pay their bills with ease.




Piped gas

Postpaid mobile


...and many more

Ready to use screens

Specify your logo, colours and font preferences with ease.

Explore the API playground

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Make it yours

Select your theme colour

Your app

Pays bills for electricity, water, mobile recharges and more.


Tuition Fees



Piped Gas




Book cylinder

Recently paid bills
All billers

Green Meadows Kindergarten

New Indian Public School

RTC International School

Seedling Boarding

St Pauls Academy

Enter account number


Account #2485930205

To pay

Bill paid!

Download receipt

Pay bills



Integrate the way you want

All features included with your preferred integration

  • Complete payment flows

  • In-built UPI payment, or custom payment gateway

  • Notifications for BBPS updates

1-line integration on websites

Use custom branding and link to ready BBPS-certified screens with all bill payment features.

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Embed web-views on any app

Set custom branding and use pre-hosted BBPS-certified screens for the entire bill payment process.

Build your own screens with our APIs

Integrate with our COU APIs to control customer-facing UI/UX.

API integration ↗

Embed a full bill payment experience with ease

Integrate at lightning speed

Simply add a “Pay bills” button to your app or website

Work with any screen size

Responsive and optimised screens for mobile, tablet or desktop.

Fetch an actual bill and make a bill payment for yourself!

A complete bill payment experience for customers

One-stop solution

Customers can pay bills, track payments real-time, download receipts, and check transaction history.

In-built dispute management

Customers can report transaction issues to BBPS, receive updates when resolved, and view their dispute history.

Always up to date

Bill payments made instantly possible for newly added BBPS categories and billers.

Validated bill payment

Out-of-the-box support for validation of customer inputs or payment rules.


If yes, you can also accept payments to your own business. Send customers directly to the payment screen with all bill details.


Collect repeat payments digitally or offline


What is BBPS?

Bharat Bill Payment System is a payment ecosystem on which different categories of billers can register on, with bill payments enabled for utility bills, loan EMIs, school fees, subscriptions and more.

BBPS is run by NPCI that enables bill payments via digital (bank channels) as well as through a network of agents & bank branches

What is NPCI?

National Payments Corporation of India maintains the BBPS payments system. It undertakes clearing and settlement activities for transactions routed through BBPS.

NPCI is also responsible for setting business standards, rules and procedures for technical and business requirements for all market participants. It is the regulatory body for BOUs, who are entities allowed to on-board billers onto BBPS.

What is COU?

COUs or Customer Operating Units are licensed entities (usually banks) who can offer BBPS services to other businesses. COUs enable customer-facing platforms—entities that serve end-users—to let users pay bills.

Setu’s COU integration helps such platforms become a collection agent for BBPS and add a feature to let their users pay any BBPS listed business, including their own business.

What is an agent institution?

These are entities that can offer bill payments as a feature to their customers. They can do so via physical channels (like with business correspondents) or digitally (on apps or websites).

Setu’s onboarding team takes care of the end-to-end process for the NPCI registration needed to operate as a BBPS agent. Read more about the technical and compliance information here.

What role does Setu play?

Setu acts as a bridge between BOU/COU banks and other businesses (billers or customer-facing platforms), offering simplified integration and compliance. We also offer additional services like data reports, notifications and settlements for any bill payments.