BBPS BillPay

Monetise bill payments via your app or website

Rival popular UPI apps with a 1-line integration to let users pay electricity bills, EMIs and more. Earn revenue for every successful payment.
Embed ready-to-go BBPS-certified payment screens. Theme to match your brand or design your own screens with our APIs.

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This month’s bill for your mobile is due in two weeks

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Bharat Telecom

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Apna Bank Ltd

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Bharat Telecom


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All your BBPS bill payment needs, solved

Engage and retain your customers—enable them to pay bills on your app or website.
As a lender, boost usage of your credit line to service bill payments.

As a school / telecom app / any service provider, accept payments to your own business via BBPS.
One stop solution
One-stop solution

Customers can pay bills, get real-time payment updates, download receipts and view transaction history.

One stop solution
Inbuilt dispute management

Customers may raise disputes to BBPS for transactions, get updates once resolved and see dispute history.

One stop solution
Always updated

Bill payments made instantly possible for newly added BBPS categories and billers.

One stop solution
Validated bill payment

Out-of-the-box support for validation of customer inputs or payment rules.

Listed on BBPS yet?

Get listed as a BBPS biller to accept digital or offline payments to your own business

BBPS BillCollect

Collect payments on digital or offline channels

1-line integration on websites

Add Setu’s pre-built module on your website—complete with payment flows, transaction history and dispute management.
Accept payments only to your business. Or enable payments to any BBPS biller. Get your colours, fonts and logo updated to match your brand.
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One stop solution
Integrate at lightning speed

Simply add a “Pay bills” button to your app or website, and link to Setu’s pre-built screens.

One stop solution
Work with any screen size

Setu’s screens are responsive and optimised by default for mobile, tablet or desktop.

Embeddable web-views for apps

Use pre-built, Setu hosted web-views to let your customer fetch bills and make payments inside your app.
Support all BBPS categories with a single integration and equip your customers to completely manage their bill payments, with in-built transaction history and dispute management.

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Pays bills for electricity, water, mobile recharges and more.


Tuition Fees



Piped Gas




Book cylinder

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Green Meadows Kindergarten

New Indian Public School

RTC International School

Seedling Boarding

St Pauls Academy

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Account #2485930205

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Lending use case for Setu Collect
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Make it yours

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Build your own UX with our APIs

Take it to the next level with an API integration that gives you unlimited flexibility.
Increase customer engagement by highlighting new billers and categories. Run campaigns based on customer location for higher payment conversions.
One stop solution
Dev-friendly APIs

Simple, modular APIs with clear documentation. Quick debugging with helpful errors.

One stop solution
Hassle-free integration

Vastly reduced red tape for BBPS approvals and opening an account with our sponsor banks.

One stop solution
Never miss a BBPS update

Instant notification for new BBPS categories and billers. Latest biller validations for reduced payment failure.

One stop solution
Flexible setup

Fetch bills in bulk, get real-time payment notifications. Raise disputes and track resolutions by BBPS.

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"categoryCode" : "38",
"categoryName" : "Loan Repayment"
"traceId" : "dMXpKMx4TBKsu8ro1559WeYZS21Og5",
"statusCode" : "success",
"statusMessage" : "API is successful"

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