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The simplest payment link experience

Embed payment details, share on any channel—WhatsApp, SMS or email—and get paid in just two clicks with UPI.

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This chat is with the official business account of “Bharat Telecom”. Tap for more info.

Hello, Asha!

Your telephone bill of ₹830 for the month of August is due this week. Click the button below to pay.

Pay Now

Verifying payment...


Payment received for the month of August.

Thank you for your patronage! Have a nice day!


Apna Bank Ltd

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Bharat Telecom


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Get paid your way

Share payment links on any channel

Create links with amount, receiver account details or other information. Send them over WhatsApp, email, SMS and more. You get notified when the payment is done.
Reach any UPI customer
Reach any UPI customer

Works with all UPI apps!

2-click experience

The customer taps the payment link and enters their UPI pin. That's it!

Create a pay button

Embed a no-code, pre-built payment button, with customisation for colors and text.
Tapping the button pulls up all UPI apps on the customer’s phone and lets them select one for the payment.

Or print a QR

Print a QR code with the receiver details, which are the business’s bank details.
Scanning the QR lets the customer enter an amount of their choice. You get notified when the payment is done.

The simplest way to collect payments

Collect any type of payment

Donations, rent, restaurant bills, invoice and more.

Go live in 48 hours

Complete on-boarding and integration as a UPI Merchant with zero fuss.

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Reduce fraud

Each UPI payment link is mapped to a unique one-time VPA that is disabled after a successful payment.

Notifications and Reports

Receive notifications for payments, and detailed reports for hassle-free settlements reconciliation.

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Fill in details—like WhatsApp number, customer name—to receive a sample payment message. Then, make an actual payment of ₹1.

Share details

Select a sample message template

You can customise reminder messages as per your business need.

Template option 1

Dear customer 👋

Your EMI for ₹1 against loan number #123456789012 is due on 26/03/2024. Please make a payment by clicking on the Pay Now button below.

Pay now

Template option 2

Dear customer 👋

Your bill amount of ₹1 from [Business name] is due on 26/03/2024. Please make a payment by clicking on the link below.

Thank you,
[Business name]

Pay now

Get started with our developer console to begin your collections journey. Take a look at our in-depth documentation and API reference to learn more about UPI DeepLinks.

What is a UPI DeepLink?

UPI, developed by NPCI, enables instant transfer of funds and is now the most popular way to pay in India. Deep links are embedded with pre-set bill details and customers can pay from any UPI app on their phone—GPay, PhonePe, PayTM and more.

Setu uses NPCI guidelines to create these links, that allow you to add details like bill amount or receiver account, and collect payments.

Who is a Merchant?

An entity that generates bills for goods / services and wants to collect payments on the UPI gateway—called a Merchant as per NPCI.

What is NPCI?

National Payments Corporation of India, or NPCI for short, is the developer of the UPI gateway and provider of settlement services to banks (for any transactions on the UPI gateway). Banks can then settle payments to merchant accounts.

What role do banks and Setu play?

Banks are authorised by RBI to on-board new Merchants on UPI gateway. Setu acts as a bridge between banks and Merchants, offering simplified integration and compliance, with additional services like reports, notifications and settlements.

More questions about the product? Have a look at our detailed FAQs.

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Collect repeat payments digitally or offline